Is steven seagal really popular in Europe?

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Kung-Fu Spectator 31 posts
Okay, this is completely random but I thought I'd take advantage of our British friends on the site and ask if Seagal really has a big following in Europe because he aint making any money off his "Straight to dvd" movies in America. I loved his first 4-5 movies when he actually did aikido and was skinny but now hes a shadow of a once serious martial artist.
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Robsco 1319 posts
I'm not quite sure, it's a bit hard to speak for the whole of the UK, or even Europe.

I'm not a huge fan normally, but when ya slip Erika Eleniak in there it's a bit hard not to watch. :o)
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Monkey Balls Regular 44 posts
Yep, I wouldn't mind slipping in Erika Eleniak !
spider Regular 235 posts
Erika Eleniak is ace. She is the main reason I've seen Under Siege, and I've still never seen the sequel since I don't think she is in it. Check out her scene in Chasers.
As for Steven, no he hasn't got a large following, but like anything cheesy, action heroes will always have their small devote fan base.
Moti Spectator 2 posts
a couple of years ago when i was in Paris, I've saw him in some French talk show talking about his music cd.
so maybe that's an answer.
just like jerry lewis, he his loved in French :)