Any competiions in the South

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GRIM Spectator 1 posts

I am interested in fighting in competitions but am finding it difficult to find any competition oin the south.

Does anyone knowof any competitions with in traveling distance of Weymouth Dorset.

I would also be prepared to organise a interclub if sufficient people were interested


thayrea Spectator 31 posts
Sorry mate I've been looking as I live in portsmouth and would like to do a comp. Ill keep lookin but I doubt there is one
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von k Spectator 30 posts
There is the Bristol open.
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outkast Spectator 39 posts
you have the bristol classic as previous poster said also sub grappling in bristol by anger managment
the darkside is more fun
outkast Spectator 39 posts
just to let you know there are 2 no gi comps in chippenham the first is on 5-4-08 the second in 8-08 run by vt ju-jitsu
the darkside is more fun