I've left my class

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Jasper Spectator 20 posts
Sadly i've left my class......after 8 weeks...the instructors were asking me to show them moves I'd not been shown only to be told the moves we were practising previously were the moves to do and the moves are numbered and yet I'd not been told the numbering system........and was expected to know them only to be told we want to see what you have learned......?????
Robsco 1319 posts
Sounds rather shocking!

Attitude problems at the club?
The Admin Guy
Jasper Spectator 20 posts
The pot calling the kettle black being the main culprit
Linx Spectator 1 posts
Il admit that does sound confusing. Ive never had a class that requires you to remember moves as numbers. Only time we do that is when practicing the 3-4 throws of the current belt syllabus. where they will states at that time that "1 is a body drop, 2 is a hip throw, 3 is a rice bale ..." etc etc.
Robsco 1319 posts
Indeed, I've never heard of such an approach, it reminds me of Sandra Bullock in one of her films ordering from a chinese take-away, "i'll have a no.3, and no.17, and a no.28", i wonder if the club took the same approach?

if you get attacked, first you want a No.7, then if he's still standing try a no.21 :o)
The Admin Guy
spider Regular 235 posts
I've only heard of it in Thai or boxing. I.e. 123456 = Jab, cross, left hook, right hook, left upper, right upper. This was used as an aid for instruction during pad work. (It does go into the teens for those that are curious).

I can't see how that would effect anything, least of all a beginners grading. I'm not sure you're even supposed to know the Japanese at beginner levels.

However, are you sure this misunderstanding is worth quiting over?
Jasper Spectator 20 posts
yeah the instructors not up to it
PJ Spectator 3 posts
I would say it's worth quitting - if the instructors expect you to know stuff they haven't taught you, then in my opinion they aren't teaching properly. I avoided joining a karate club for similar reasons
Ippon Spectator 6 posts
My instrcutor uses numbers, might be the whole assocatiation, it's Idokan Ju-Jitsu (or was, the dojo I was in closed due to the instructor's personal reasons) Idokan is basically Ju-Jitsu that leans a bit more towards Judo, if that makes any sense. Anyhow, we used numbers there (1st leg throw - O Soto Gari etc.) I found it strange at first, for I'd been practicing Judo and was used to using words like Kiza Gateme and so on. But, if you're told to do moves that you haven't been taught, I'd turn on my heel and walk away.