NE WAZA starting poistion

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MM-ME Spectator 1 posts

Iv been doing BJJ for around 4 months now and when scrapping for 3 min rounds im struggling to work out what to do when we start from the NE WAZA position. I am quite tall so should i work for guard? Or would going straight for a guillotine be better? Would appreciate any help, Mnay Thanks!!!
Robsco 1319 posts
I may well be wrong, but I've found the guard works for smaller people, if you're taller then you should be going for the mount if you've got enough leverage against your opponent.

I think Andy will be able to give a bit more advice in this situation.
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sorry mate, i know its nothing to do with this thread... but i notice ur from the north wales area and i just wondered where u train.. ive been looking for some where to go but cant find any where!!