What Should Little Guys Focus On?

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Spoonfed Spectator 5 posts
Hi guys – I need some words from the wise…

I am 6’ but weigh only around 65kg. Most of my fellow wrestlers are a minimum of 10kg heavier so I really struggle to make an impact when sparring. Drills I can manage, but they are so far removed from the reality of someone heavier and stronger than you actively resisting, and trying to defeat you at the same time!

Are there any techniques that I should try to focus on to try to redress the balance, as invariably I end up on the losing end? Even when I am in a mount, I don’t really have the body weight to pin most of the guys down.

Anyone else struggle with size?
ninja9578 Regular 92 posts
I'm only 135lbs and I grapple guys well above two hundred and win. You're probably going to end up on the bottom so any submissions from bottom. Practice going down and pulling him into your guard.

Triangle choke seems to be my favorite against someone bigger, but arm bars do too. I think they work so well because they are leg techniques and no matter how big the guy is, his arms are not going to be stronger than your legs.
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Bryce Doherty Spectator 10 posts
I am 5'10 and bout 12 stone, so average size. But when grappling and sparring with the likes of some of the door men who train in my ryu I too can struggle.

If you are on the ground smother your opponent and make them work to move you and make them tired. When standing I tend to go for big take downs like spears or move around and make them tired. Having a higher fitness level obviously benefits here.
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Sheepingly Spectator 1 posts
Also even with more experience technique wise the newbies end up overpowering me with their strength because I'm female. So what should I do?
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Robsco 1319 posts
Work on your technique more and try to deflect their strength, it takes a while, but when you get it and end up being relaxed and literally 'playing' with the guys it'll be worth it, although it may hurt some egos. :o)
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