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Deepsies Spectator 3 posts
I just completed my Purple Belt grading and I was expected to perform some techniques which I have never even heard of before. I already knew the whole Junior syllabus from my class, but we missed out a load of techniques! Thankfully the sensei went through some of the techniques we didn't know with us, but now I can't really remember what they were and I need to tell my normal jujitsu teacher about it. I really need some descriptions of the techniques. The ones I know are:
Valley Drop Throw
Kick to Kidneys
Wedge Blocks
Full Shoulder
Head Hip and Knee

The techniques I can remember:
Counter to collar and arm hold
Outer Wind
Inner Wind

But there were more on the list like Shoulder Wheel and Counter to Bar Choke which I sadly wasn't taught.

I would really appreciate a description of all Purple and Brown/White techniques.
These are the Brown/White moves I know:
Arm and Shoulder throw (From punch, hair grab and push)
Outer Hock
Cross Ankle Throw
Reclining Leg Throw (from behind)
Sweeps from behind (not sure if that's the correct name)
Shoulder Thrust from behind (not sure if that's the name either)
And there's some inside forearm block (and cross block) and kicking combinations.
And left inside forearm block, knife hand to neck followed by a side kick to the right.

Thank you!! (I'm 15 by the way and follow the WJJF Liverpool syllabus)
Robsco 1319 posts
First of all welcome to the forum!

So you went for a grading, didn't know some of the moves, were shown them right there, and passed?

Sounds suss already, especially at such (an apparent) high level.

Unfortunately we never got round to doing pics for Brown and Black belt on here, but hopedully someone else can shed some light.
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Deepsies Spectator 3 posts
Thanks for the welcome and reply.

My teacher is going to double check the syllabus over with the teachers that were at the grading and hopefully they'll add on the missing techniques.

In our class we do a game called "back to back" where we have to pin the other person down, but unfortunately it just becomes a battle of strength, do any of you know some good techniques to pin my opponent down? There's no standing by the way, just kneeling down.
Robsco 1319 posts
We used to do a lot of that too, but we was going for submissions, not just pinning eachother down.
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von k Spectator 30 posts
You need to keep practising those techniques to overcome their strength. Kesa gatame, mune gatame,yoko shiho gatame,tate shiho gatame,kata gatame are all simple hold downs. The trick in pinning your opponent is a combination of strength,stealth,feeling your partners movements and gradually gaining experience. Dont worry if you get pinned just try to remember how you got pinned so you can avoid it another time
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Andy MMA Spectator 14 posts
The techniques you are after sound like they are part of the WJJF syllabus. You can buy books with each technique broken down into stages. The Auther is Dr Robert Clark(e) He has 3 books, 1st covers white belt to orange belt, 2nd covers green belt to brown belkt and 3rd covers 1st dan. Waterstones shoud sell them. Hope this helps.
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Mobstarr Spectator 45 posts
Been having a look through our sylabuss and noted that there are a lot of throws for brown/ purple belt. Things like: circle throw, inner theigh sweep, sweeping hip, heaven and earth lots of sacrifice techniques, mountain storm, defences from various attacks and we've just incorperated the nage no kata into ours.
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ejharte Spectator 23 posts
thats not fair at my club u would fail for not knowin a move(15 too, also on purple going for brown and white) it's funny because the moves u didn't know were the easiest on the belt and why dont you just explain to your instructor what happened mine understood.
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ejharte Spectator 23 posts
A good move for back2back is the head hip and knee throw (do it from nealing on both knees) or u could do slightly altered hip throw, there are really many options. Just go for it and see what happens.
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spider Regular 235 posts
I'm pretty sure he'll just climb onto your back, how do expect to hip throw someone that is kneeling?