Hopping Roundhouse Question

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Vaxoin Spectator 1 posts
Wouldn't it be more fluid to step the rear leg in FRONT of the the lead leg, so the roundhouse kick can be thrown with greater ease. I was under the impression that for the side kick, one was to step behind, but for the roundhouse, forward. Just wondering.
ninja9578 Regular 92 posts
yes, it is more fluid that way :-\ For a hopping roundhouse kick I don't my feet in front or behind, I bring them together. Must be a stylistic difference, but I'm sure that you can get used to it.
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Rickson Gracie Newbie 36 posts
Hopping Roundhouse only for people who are hopping mad, or hopping crazy. Try Omplata instead, work much better.
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Prof. Akers Spectator 15 posts
I love it when I see someone step in to throw a kick - any kick!
Really easy to block/parry/sway back and my personal favourite - step straight in - they miss, you nail 'em.