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My first injury

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Wednesday 10th October 2007 at 19:38

At the beginning of class we warm up by running around the outskirts of the matts and then we do rolls, spiderman crawls etc. I missed the running and wasn't warmed up before we did the sprinting and I pulled a hamstring in my right leg. It will be two weeks tomarrow and its healing okay and can do a little more than the day before. At first my weak point was holding the guard for long, but on Monday I was able to hold half guard on a male student pretty good he couldn't get out and time was up. My weak point at this point is the leg sweep for take down. Any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks bjjmama



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Thursday 11th October 2007 at 15:25

Keep that leg back and start lower, in more of a wrestling stance. It will make you more vulnerable to flying locks and suicide throws, but someone who knows how to do those well will probably beat you anyway. Your legs will be safely out of harms way.

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