Help to find a club PLEASE!!!

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welshdragon30 Spectator 2 posts
Please help i live in tamworth and i`m desperate to find a jujutsu club near me, i`ve looked at other clubs but i cannot compare any to jujutsu as i trained under sensi steve groves as a teenager and would love to get back training A.S.A.P can anyone help me??
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Molineux Spectator 4 posts
Welsh dragon,

don't know if you have had any luck finding a jujutsu club in Tamworth, but you might want to try Tai Jutsu Kai club, training at Rawletts Sports college, Tamworth on Saturdays from 11am.

Good luck
outkast Spectator 39 posts
tai jutsu kai are a good group to train with studied with them up to 1st kyu but left due to differences with coach not assocation
the darkside is more fun
Goshin Ju-Jitsu Spain Spectator 3 posts
I dont know anyone in tamworth, but i know an instructor of Aiki Ju-Jitsu in Sutton Coalfield that i can recommend.
His Name is Keith Morgan 7th Dan and his website is I train with him a couple of times a year and he is a good guy. If you go to see him, tell him Martin over in Spain said Hi.

Martin Currie 3rd Dan Ju-Jitsu
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