My First JuJitsu Lessons

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j_richards2007 Spectator 1 posts

I'm going to start doing jujitsu lessons (NOT BJJ), and i was wondering, how far in do you go until you learn chokes like the rear naked choke. Also, when you learn these, does the instructoer do it on everyone, and does he make you pass out.
Finally, do you learn pressure points in jujitsu

Robsco 1319 posts
Hey, welcome to the forum.

I would give it a few months before you start learning chokes, they can be very dangerous so no-one would want new students trying to do them very quickly.

Your questions about the instructor making everyone pass-out did make me laugh, although i'm sure there's some clubs somewhere that actually do that, but I'm sure they'd be very rare.

You sound in a rush to be learning chokes, give it time and be patient.
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Payload Spectator 12 posts
been doing traditional ju-jutsu for almost a month now.. havent done any chokes.. and talking to other people in my group it doesnt look like i will be doing them for quite some time considering the potential for damage.

Been doing arm lock/break's mostly which i recon are great. Someone throws a punch at you and you turn it around on them and they get a busted arm.. obviousley stop at the point where it locks in class im sure your partner wouldnt appreciate a broken arm.

I dont see there being much in the way of pressure points considering Ju-Jutsu was created in the times of the samurai who wore armour so strikes arent a big part of the art as they wouldnt be effective in this situation. A thick weekend newspaper is probably the closest comparison i can think of atm for hardened leather armour like would have been used at the time... so imagine the pressure point was covered with a newspaper.. now imagine trying to get an effective strike on it.. i really dont see it happening.

I wouldnt expect many/any schools to allow instructors to make you pass out.. considering you never know what effect that could have on a person.

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Prof. Akers Spectator 15 posts
Chokes and strangles are a really contentious issue. In the old days (when i wor nobbut a lad) we used to choke and strangle to submission/unconsciousness then have the joy of being brought back round.
Such fun we had coughing, spluttering and in one case vominting all over everyone, my instructor once put me out, put my dislocated leg back in my hip, woke me up with the words,'Get back on the mat you big Jessie.'
Eeeeh what larks.
Thank god that's all gone, any responsible instructor would let you practise until you tap then let go, make sure you are OK before going on or doing again.
I was teaching at a seminar with Dave Turton and we did get carried away seeing who could knock our ukes out the fastest but we both knew what we doing and our ukes had agreed (well the daft buggers stood up anyway).
You shold not be taught these advanced and highly dangerous techniques for quite a few months, if not years.
Rickson Gracie Newbie 36 posts
You watch my video 'CHOKE', it very instructive.
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bjjmama Spectator 12 posts
In my class the instructor has taught up chokes and I have been choked, but I just tap out and so does my uke as you say. I've been training about two months now. I'm I getting a crash coarse?
spider Regular 235 posts
Chokes are often taught in the first lesson in some schools, but they will obviously be simple ones, more of an example of how to apply, and to feel the sensation of being choked.


but you will be made uncomfortable, and get the chance to make a friend uncomfortable.
Prof. Akers Spectator 15 posts
About the naked rear chokes........erm better not put down what I was going to say but I wouldn't take my clothes off and get on the mat.
Agge Spectator 3 posts
Ther is as many oppinions on when you should start practice strangle/chokes as there are clubs.
Personal i only teach chokes and strangle to youth and adults. Not to children. And not until i have gotten to know people a litle and fell save about there ability to control themself.
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Ippon Spectator 6 posts
I was taught that when applying chokes to apply them slowly but fast enough so that they are felt almost immediately.
sl Resident 855 posts
that makes no sense. I personally think you need to be choked (not out like someone has said) to feel what a choke is about. Same with other submissions you need to feel them to know that they hurt and what point you cant escape and must tap...