please help me find a club/teacher?

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rian_evilclown Spectator 1 posts
hi, i live on the isle of wight, as far as i can tell there is no jiu jitsu teacher on my island.... does anyone know of any clubs in the portsmouth or southampton area?

or any teachers that would be prepared to travel to give private lessons?

many thanks.
Robsco 1319 posts
Well that certainly is asking a lot!

Good luck, I'm sure there must be some places in Southampton and the like.
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green sid Spectator 33 posts
Try the Mountbatten Sports Centre in Pompey, I attended a jujitsu seminar there a few years ago although I'm not sure of class times. Here is the centres number 023 9269 0011.
Rickson Gracie Newbie 36 posts
You come Brazil and join my class, I give you special discount.
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andy Resident 729 posts
rickson, you must be forgetting yourself, you teach in LA
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Rickson Gracie Newbie 36 posts
erm, yes you are right, sorry, I make slip of tongue. Meant LA. Please come LA, I give rian_evilclown special discount. Ahem.
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Payload Spectator 12 posts

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thayrea Spectator 31 posts
Ive had a look around but I can't find one in the isle, sorry mate. There are a few in Portsmouth including the one I'm looking at attending at the uni. Ill keep an eye out for ones closer, heop that helps!!
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thayrea Spectator 31 posts
Hey I don't know if this one's still running but it's in Ryde
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egosi Spectator 2 posts
we have a great club based in romsey run by trev birmingham a world sport ju jitsu champion mail to
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