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Robsco 1319 posts
Since we get quite a few requests for help trying to find a local club, try [link=http://www.martialartshunter.com]http://www.martialartshunter.com[/link] first, that's our sister site containing hundreds of clubs and martial arts websites worldwide.
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mrh Spectator 1 posts
If you are looking for a club in Essex try www.inyojujuitsu.co.uk
Head instuctor there has been training in martial arts since 1972
ianf Spectator 2 posts
I seriously need help. I'm searching for a ju jitsu club in or near the Salford/Manchester area. I moved up here in may and am really wanting to get back into training. If I don't find somewhere soon I'm considering trying another martial art (and i don't want to do that)
Robsco 1319 posts
What other clubs/styles are around you?

I'd be seriously surprised if ya can't find a BJJ club in Manchester!!!
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fuzzied1980 Spectator 6 posts
Head Instructor: Lucio "Lagarto" Rodrigues

Address: 2nd Floor, Bridgewatermill, Legh St, Eccles, Manchester, M30 0UT

Tuesday: 19:00 - 20:00

Saturday: 10:00 - 11:00
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Kieran Regular 107 posts
Lenamore Primary School
Northern Ireland
8.00pm to 10pm
Templemore Sports Complex
Northern Ireland
12.00pm to 2.00pm
over 18's only
Class £3.00
Male & Female very welcome
First class free
arkeologist Spectator 2 posts
hi folks im looking for a traditional jujitsu club in stoke on trent with good credentials
you do Liger style?, what its tiger style but your lying about it?
Gary E Smith Spectator 1 posts
Try this site for Sport Ju Jitsu Clubs
jason360uk Spectator 1 posts
there is a club in crewe next to bentley motors on sunnybanks road next in a building called legends
founder Spectator 3 posts

Martial arts hunter site wont let me register for a new account

Any ideas???

mccauley Spectator 20 posts
i go to bolton arena, the joniours is saturday 11 am till 12 am and 12 till 1 (adult) 1 till 2 i think
fists are your best wepon(screw brass knuckels)
danmma Spectator 1 posts
Italo Ferreira is holding a class at Butlers Gym, Farriers Street, Worcester on behalf of Trojan Free Fighters on Saturday 10am - 11am with GI and 11am -12pm no GI.
For further info, please visit www.trojanfreefighters.com
PAULA6 Spectator 1 posts
I've tried every which way to locate info online: Motorrad Club, Leobschulzer Motorrad Club, Leo. B. Schulzer, etc.
The club itself probably originated in Germany, as Motorrad is a German word meaning motorcycle. I tried to find a list of older russian motorcycles, and came up blank. Does the inscription have a crest or emblem that might help you?

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spartanmma Spectator 3 posts
Looking in shropshire then why not try Spartan mma in shrewsbury.Teaching Bjj in shrewsbury at our fully kitted out mma gym. Training mma 5 times per week.
We are the shropshire Bjj branch of Sukata Bjj under the guidance of our head coach Mario Sukata.
Adriantac065 Spectator 1 posts
I am looking for a club that trains traditionally and uses the same syllabus as World jiu jitsu federation. This needs to be locaterd within the Aldershot, UK area.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
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lundblade Spectator 1 posts
Hi if your local for a local locally please visit http://www.riverviewbjj.com.
jeon Spectator 1 posts
hi robsco.
can i use your picture of techniques in my book in korean?

Would you Please e-mail(say541@hotmail.com) me.
sickboy Spectator 4 posts
stoke on trent? combat ju jitsu in longton, bushi kempo ju jitsu have a few clubs werrington, blurton, castle, try googling them. wjjf have a class in audley outside castle. massc do one at newcastle college. jitsu do one at staffordshire university.
Bomber Spectator 1 posts
Hi... Im looking for a good club in Dorset..
the nearest one I can find is a Tai Ju Jutsu Kai club.... Is this a good organisation???
Thanks in advance for replying
koryu Spectator 1 posts
If you are looking for a ju jitsu class in the north west

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