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MMA Z Spectator 2 posts
Anyone know a club near Wichita Kansas?
Jiu Jitsu Gi
Jim Spectator 1 posts
Does anybody know if there any Traditional Jiu Jitsu clubs in NE Lincolnshire.?
Trev Spectator 9 posts
Yes Grimsby Jujitsu Club trains at St Augustines Church Hall Grimsby. Mon/Thurs 7:30 - 9:30. All are Welcome.
sickboy Spectator 4 posts
just moved to Stone in Staffordshire. Can anyone recomend a good jujitsu club in the area?
kyle Spectator 3 posts
these are the ones know of in staffordshire igve only been to the first one..wich has an awesome indtructor..but cant comment on the rest

Gracie Barra Stoke-On-Trent
McGovern Academy
51a Queen Street
Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

Impact Martial Arts Academy
165-167, High St
01782 823984

Burton-on-Trent BJJ
Burton-on-Trent BJJ
Fighting Fit
300 Rosliston Rd
DE15 9RQ
01283 564499
yoshimitsu Spectator 2 posts
Hello I am new here and never done a martial art before I am interested in jujitsu. As I was attacked and seriously hurt just before Xmas I was walking home on my own and got choked out cold from behind by at least two pissed up men I fell and hurt shoulder and sprained ankle not better yet but getting there. I have good fitness am 31 and am a bodybuilder I want to learn to defend myself don't want to learn Brazilian jujitsu as I don't fancy getting kicked or punched in the face again when on the ground plus it has poor stand up. I know a fair bit about martial arts I have many books and do like reading about history etc I just dont think think bjj would work in the real world. Traditional jujitsu for me or goshinjutsu. My question is there anywhere near me that teaches good jujitsu. I know of chad sidaway 8th Dan zankido ryu has anybody heard or trained with him he teaches in Weston-super-mare. This is a good site well done. I think the floor is last place I would want to be in a fight though speeking from experience.
"To win without fighting is the greatest victory of all"
Robsco 1319 posts
Hi yoshimitsu,

I would strongly recommend visiting a BJJ club before you dismiss it, unfortunately this is a common mis-understanding you have about the art.

In an ideal world, yes, you don't want to end up on the ground, but what happens IF you do end up there?

When did you last see a highly charged, aggressive, physical confrontation NOT go to the ground?

If you're facing multiple attackers, you do what everyone should do, and run! :)

BJJ may not be the ONLY style you need to learn for a well-rounded arsenal, but I certainly wouldn't ignore it.
The Admin Guy
yoshimitsu Spectator 2 posts
I have seen Brazilian jujitsu and yes it does look good I am not dismissing it at all. And I was mugged by multiple attackers and hurt bad I have had 6 x rays on my shoulder and having an m.r.i scan next week I have never walked into a dojo, I may never have that opportunity ironically I bought a nice judo gi 6 months before. I wish I had now, I have been a victim of violent crime three times now knives pulled on me twice and attacked from behind recently and left in the street out cold. I just want to learn tradtional jujutsu you know the nasty stuff not a sport. I'm getting a bit bored of everyone going on about mma an bjj. My old boss is a 3rd dan tradtional jujitsu and he was more than capable of defending himself weapons, presure points, multiple attackers,drinking and how it effects your reaction times. I do understand what your saying though I just disagree,bjj is just judo anyway so there is nothing the brazilians are doing that has not been done allready. You put a good bjj player against a judo player it would be very close did'nt a certain gracie lose against a japanese judo champion. But put a bjj man against a drug fueled drunk sociopath with a knife....... you here this same argument all over the internet, is life a sport.
"To win without fighting is the greatest victory of all"
Robsco 1319 posts
All good points, but it really comes down to the club, and how they train.

A lot of "traditional" clubs do seem to spend too much time "demonstrating" a technique, rather than fighting at full speed/power against resisting opponents - this is common in BJJ schools.

I've trained in both, and while the traditional training was certainly useful as a starting point, BJJ quickly became superior.
The Admin Guy
loughborough-bjj Spectator 1 posts
Loughborough brazilian jiu jitsu club

If you are in the midlands area and fancy either starting up the sport of brazilian jiu jitsu or fancy coming down and sparing with our players then you will be more than welcome. check out our facebook page for more details.

The Taw Spectator 3 posts
If you are looking for a club in the West Lothian/Central Region area in Scotland, here is the link to our website.


Traditional Jujitsu is our main art but we also have other classes for kickboxing and groundfighting.

We also have several classes for 4 to 7 year olds teaching Nord Shaolin Kung Fu.
olivia3012 3 posts
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swanisabella 3 posts
Information is good.