Am i taking this to fast?

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MMAintraining Spectator 1 posts
I have been training for 2 weeks and im doing very good. my instructure said i am progressing the fastest he has ever seen anyone do.

is it possible to take this to fast?
i train everyday by myself and 4 days a week with him.

"Thats what I thought"
Prof. Akers Spectator 15 posts
As long as you give your body some recovery time you'll be fine.
You must build this time into your training schedule, it allows your muscles to recover.If you are doing weights you don't repeat the sets of reps day after day, you work a different muscle group each day, giving the other groups the recovery time o mend tissue damage.
Martial artists are the only group I know of who believe that they just keep keep on improving. YOU DON'T.
What happens is first you plateau - stop improving, so you train harder, then you start to go backwards.
Olympic athletes and pro boxers train up for competitions, then either train down or rest, we don't do this for various reasons,instructors need the revenue, we love training, all sorts of reasons.
So training non stop is not very good for your body, have a complete rest day every 3 days and watch your other days go far better.
xhunter Spectator 7 posts
I have been training now for 1 week and I love it. Im 32 years old and feel Im in pretty good shape, but I am still sore the next day after training. Any suggestions on a better home workout or a specific diet plan that I can improve on?
spider Regular 235 posts
Protien, ibuprofen.

Depends what hurts? It's only been a short time, your muscles will soon adapt to the new way you are using them.

However, if you are new to exercise, some resistance training could also help.
xhunter Spectator 7 posts
I do exercise on a every other day simple routine as far as running, stretching and also light weight training! My ribs and my jaw especially is killing me from grappling all this week while training and learning new submissions. I took quite a few shots to the ribs and to the jaw by accident while grappling... I guess this kind of thing is something I will need to get used too.
spider Regular 235 posts
I tend to get sore in the shoulder, and neck. Accidents tend to happen, and most fighters have to fight injuried, it's sometimes just unavoidable accidents due to the nature of training. The injuries however should never be serious as long as the correct precautions and rules are followed.

The scratches on my neck for example, could've been avoided by someone trimming his nails. The most pain I've felt grappling is when I was thrown but we'd run out of room on the mats and my feet slapped wooden floor.