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thayrea Spectator 31 posts
I was sparring with a mate and he managed to put me into the juji gatame, I had to tap as I couldn't get out of it. It's the sort of lock I would love to use but Ive been thinking this past week and I can't for the life of me figure out how to escape it. thanks for any help and happy christmas to everyone.
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Mobstarr Spectator 45 posts
Its really hard to describe an escape in words perhaps somebody has a way with words better than i do, my advice though is be wary of giving a straight arm when grappling, its an open invitation for a juji!
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thayrea Spectator 31 posts
cheers I've been on some other forms and in hindsight it's not the best move to ask for help over the internet.
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spider Regular 235 posts
Best block, no be there.

It might be hard to get out of, but it's hard not to telegraph a 'juji' or armbar or cross arm lock as other people may know it.

There are very simple techniques, such as twisting sharply towards them as they sit back to get your elbow out, gripping your own arms/hands/sleeves can make it a pain long enough for you to work on twisting your way round.

If it's your right arm for example, you may be able to fling your legs to your left and roll left to that you end up in a straight line with them instead of the usual T shape, allowing you to follow through and twist out.

To be honest, I've never had trouble escaping the transition to juji, my opponents have always been loose and telegraphed, the best way to escape a lock is to not let them get one on. I'll let you know if I return to training and learn anymore.