Hi all,

Kudo is a mixed martial art from Japan, founded by Master Azuma who was one of Sempai Mas Oyama’s Kyokushin students. Master Azuma saw the vision for a well-rounded martial arts system that included safety, reality and popularity.

In Kudo you will learn strong, solid and basic skills that can work in real self defence situations. Not only will you learn how to punch, kick and grapple, you will also be taught the reality of head-butts, elbow, groin strikes and other reality techniques often left out of many martial art systems.

By learning Kudo you will develop a strong mind and body, and it places a strong emphasis on the development of a deep ethical value system for all of its students.

Now you can learn Kudo with Sensei Lee Hasdell who is the first British Kudo black belt in the UK under Master Azuma.

Please contact me on 07894 500 121 if you are interested in learning Kudo methods.

Lee Hasdell