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outkast Spectator 39 posts
hi dont know if you guys have heard but the bja is removing competive grading until 1st kyu meaning you would not need to fight until then which i find very poor state of affairs.Also when fighting these guy when they reach there dan grade they are going to be cannon fodder for fight judoka
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spider Regular 235 posts
I've not heard of this. I'm with the BJC and will have to fight for my blue. However, I've signed up for competitions as 5th kyu, I would suggest they do the same unless they are planning the non-contest route for grading.

I'll try researching myself, because that's interesting.
von k Spectator 30 posts
Yes its true the BJA are doing away with competitive gradings under 1st kyu. Theory only now from white to brown belt. They are also reducing the amount of kyu levels from 9 to 6. The BJA definitely needed to improve the theory element but to take out the contest element is I believe a step too far. You could already take a technical dan grade once you reached 1st kyu(brown belt), at least then you had fought for your lower grades. Just think a black belt in judo without ever fighting for it - not good IMO.
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outkast Spectator 39 posts
have not heard about the kyu grade reduction .I have been told its for the good of judo but i think its down to money and membership retention as comps tend to scare people off to them i say that up tai chi if you want a non contact art
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