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puertorican_fighter Spectator 15 posts
i have dislocated my shoulder twice in the past when i was about 16 and 18... i am now 24 and i dislocated it again on the first day i went to practice jujitsu during a grapple... i love martial arts... should i give it up because this might happen again? or can i do something to strengthen my shoulder and should continue?

i know there is alot of experienced people here... what do you think?
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Robsco 1319 posts
I ain't no doctor, and don't know much about dislocations.

Wouldn't your doctor be the best person to ask?
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Mobstarr Spectator 45 posts
In my early martial arts days I had a lot of trouble with my shoulders, never dislocated though, just strains etc but i went to see my doctor and got referred for physio, helped me a lot, dont have half as much trouble now. If you're considerin gettin stuck into martial arts though i would consult with your doctor. Hope that helps a bit!!
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