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Is it best for my son?

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Thursday 1st May 2008 at 21:53

I'm looking for some advice.

My son is 5 - nearly 6 and can be a bit of a handful - he is quick to lose his temper and has been in trouble at school numerous times for fighting or hurting someone.

I thought some sort of martial art maybe good to help with his discipline - although he's more interested in kicking like the Power Rangers!!

So my question is this - could this be the right idea for him? could it help him control his anger - i dont want him getting worse at school. and finally is he too young to start?


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Thursday 1st May 2008 at 23:18

I think this one all comes down to the club, some will be great, some others will simply be a 50p class in a church hall that don't have much emphasis on self control, etc.

I'd advise some personal visits to some local clubs, you'll soon see if what you see is good enough.

I used to teach kids from 3 years, so his age shouldn't be a problem now.

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Friday 2nd May 2008 at 19:58

Some outlet for aggression and therefore lessons may help, it certainly couldn't hurt. Make sure the class has pads/bags for striking, a kickboxing class maybe best for power rangers.

It is a myth, and I think unfair to expect an instructor to be able to 'cure' your son, as I guarantee there is nothing wrong with him.
The very best advice I can give you is for you to watch The Dog Whisperer, a few episodes will help you to simplify and understand the problem.



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Tuesday 6th May 2008 at 19:26

Thanks both for your replies.