A few questions

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AcrylicAce Spectator 1 posts
Maybe I should be creating more than one thread because I have a few random questions... I will just keep them in one spot to keep down on clutter.

I hope you guys can help me out.

First, I am wondering if anyone could tell me what they think about Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. I don't know anything about martial arts but this is the only type of jujitsu in my town. I know nothing more than a bit of history from reading about it on wikipedia.

Second, what should I look for in a dojo? I mean... beacuse I am a complete noob I don't even know how to tell if the teacher is legit or not. What should I be looking for so that I can be sure to get quality training?

Thanks a bunch for any advice/info you can give me.

von k Spectator 30 posts
Dont know about the style but a quick internet search will find you info about the association and its instructors.http://www.danzan.com/
Have you tried a club search here on this forum there may be something else in your area.
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