Attn Roberto Browne

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andy Resident 729 posts
Not uploaded anything yet as I am down lodon training for the BJJ comp on sunday, are you fighting?

As for Doc Oc the only advice I can give is to train, Make sure you are fit and that your techniques are sound. also don't worry about stand up as its amature.
I will upload the video of our match when i'm back on monday. pain is temporary, pride is forever.
"no weapon formed against me shall prosper"
Robsco 1319 posts
Cheers pal,

I'm not fighting down there (can't afford it), was thinking about doing KSBO instead but can't even afford that this month.

Just gonna be training this weekend instead. --------- Robsco! 'I'm sure your style is impressive on other planets, however, your weak link is that this is Earth'
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