BJJ Training Pics

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sensiblemaniac Spectator 1 posts
Hi, I'm currently putting the finishing touches on an e-book on Brazilian Jiujitsu that will have a wide distribution.
I'm just in the process of adding some pics of techniques and moves.
If anyone is interested in submitting their pics for consideration on being included in the e-book, just send them to
The deadline is July 1st 2008.
Those that submit pics that are selected for inclusion will get a free copy of the e-book.
So if you have any training or sparring pics that depict any position or submission, feel free to send them in.
Please include your name and any caption you would like included.
andy Resident 729 posts
What grade are you in BJJ?

Where do you train??
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thayrea Spectator 31 posts
would they have to be mine, or could they be my clubs?
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Robsco 1319 posts
I just love the thought here, ask around on forums for people to send you pictures, put them all on a CD, then charge other people for them.

If this was going to be a professional published physical book I wouldn't be so negative.
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