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fuzzied1980 Spectator 6 posts
I have been training BJJ twice a week for about 8 months. While my techique is coming on and my fitness is improving. I am still gassing out after 10 mins of rolling. I do alot of swimming and running in addition to BJJ and it doesn't seem to be helping that much. Does anyone have any advise or tips on workouts or drills I can do to improve my BJJ fitness?

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spider Regular 235 posts
Although there is a lot to understanding stamina for rolling, it's hard to understand how someone who runs and swims can be gassing.

Perhaps pushing your cardio training harder is the way to go, definately incorporate some hills and interval training into your running. A more varied cardio workout such as circuits, or just a variety of different activities will help target elements of your rolling stamina that running and swimming don't.

Circuits can easily be achieved by selecting a group of no equipment exercises such as burpees, squat thrusts, press/sit ups etc and swapping between body parts every couple of minutes, with only a thirty seconds rest.
For example:

Sit ups for three minutes, 30 second rest
Press ups for three minutes, 30sec rest
Dorsal raises for 3mins, 30sec rest
Burpee for 3mins, 30sec rest
Then back to another arm exercise such as hand step ups, incline/decline press up
then another abs exercise (there's millions of those to choose)
then another back exercise such as b52, hip raises
then another leg exercise such as step ups, squat thrusts, gun drills, squats etc
and so on until tired and sweaty.

All times can be adjusted to increase/decrease intensity, and you can go as slow or as hard as you like with each repitition.
Remember to warm up and stretch!
andy Resident 729 posts
I have had triathletes gassing after a session training with me
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fuzzied1980 Spectator 6 posts
I know they do andy. Its Dean!!!! I train with you. I see them every week.
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andy Resident 729 posts
i know its you Dean!!

Best fitness i found was bar complexes and sprints.

see you tonight!!
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