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Red Belt (The Film)

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Thursday 21st August 2008 at 23:13

It's been a long time coming, but FINALLY [link=]Red Belt[/link] is a film about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

Just a shame it was such a big let-down, especially seeing Randy Couture's name in the opening titles.

A slow-ish plot-line, which at times seriously appears to be fragmented. For the first half you're seriously wondering what's going on and why certain people are involved.

Only after half way through do things start to hang together properly.

To cut right to the chase, the ending is not an ending at all, trying to be an eastern ending which leaves you thinking about things, this film certainly doesn't. such a shame! There is a kinda "big-ending fight" although ya don't get to see much of it.

Maybe it's all that can be expected, with BJJ being so "new" still, combined with some director trying to expose the art, in which anything is better than nothing.

For any die-hard fan/practitioner of BJJ it's obviously worth seeing, and won't leave you thinking that you've suddenly wasted 2 hours of your life, that's for sure!

It's still definately a film worth seeing, I've certainly stopped films half-way through, so it's no all that bad. :o)

For other suggestions on your next Jiu-Jitsu DVD, try [link=]these[/link].

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Friday 22nd August 2008 at 23:30

Brazilian Brawl is THE only BJJ film you need in your life!

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