Brock Lesnar vc Randy Couture

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spider Regular 235 posts
Who is going to win?
Mickrick Spectator 20 posts
This is gonna be a difficult one Spider..I hope Randy Couture wins hes been a real inspiration. Brock is a massive guy, if he becomes a "complete" fighter he would be real hard to put down or keep down..what you think Spider
monkeynuts Spectator 15 posts
Would like to see Randy win too but look at the size and power of Brock, hope Randy can last until Brock gasses
spider Regular 235 posts
I'll agree with Monkeynuts, but I know next to nothing about Lesnar, just the swarming he gave to Mir before he was submitted.
He got caught in a leg lock, but as I said at the time, it was a good strategy because Mir has lost to it before. Maybe Lesnar has good strategies, but the smart money would still go on the more experienced Randy the longer the fight goes on, but that's the only advantage Randy can gain.
outkast Spectator 39 posts
I think this match has been made to teach randy a lession because of his contract dispute he was seen on the affliction show saying he wants fedor and does not care where.So he comes back to the ufc and the match him against an unseasoned monster who could finish his fighting career brock is in a win win situation if he loses i will be well he fought the best if he wins ufc has a new big name
the darkside is more fun
nagol111 Spectator 2 posts
Lesnar is a bad ass no doubt but other than his brute force he is lacking in his fighting skill. If couture can handle the rush of power and flying fists(more like flying hammers) from him for the first round or so his experience will ultimately win the fight.
goshinjj Spectator 7 posts
i think for the size and weight diference randy used his brain more than anything and lost from bein unlucky and got a big blow and got sparked.