Junie Browning

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monkeynuts Spectator 15 posts
WTF? Has anyone else seen the idiot that is Junie on the latest ultimate fighter reality series look on youtube for the latest
spider Regular 235 posts
Yes, and I've had experience having to deal with lots of people like him.

Dana White is going to regret letting him stay on the show. He should've been kicked off after the first night. Then definately after fighting in the house.

Now after acting an idiot at an event, there's no way they can be even considering employing him.
outkast Spectator 39 posts
I think he has been kept on to keep the non martial arts viewers interested
the darkside is more fun
Mickrick Spectator 20 posts
That guy was a total jerk, he is eveything MA 'doesn't' stand for...no respect for anyone hope he gets inilated!! QUICKLY!
monkeynuts Spectator 15 posts
He's still in there I watched it tonight. He's fighting Delgardo next week
FastLifeDj Spectator 12 posts
Junie said he's gonna flip burgers.wtf!!"i think he has talent" but outside the cage more like fry station.i would not even think about voting him off the show!!He got wut he deserved his butt kick!!
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spider Regular 235 posts
Well, I didn't want to spoil it for anyone who hadn't seen it, but since the above post already does...

Junie continues to have tantrums, he also continues to whinge about not being able to get any 'decent training like when I'm at home' at the UFC gym, surrounded by professional trainers. At the end of one of his latest whinges, he even said he didn't want to fight. Back at the house he threw another tantrum, throwing a mug and then punching someone during a polite discussion, which led to Dana White making another house call.

Dana has figured him out. Junie is just a coward. Like eveyone that kicks of and starts shouting and having tantrums, he's scared to fight, he's scared he's going to lose on national television. If he gets kicked off the show for fighting, he can continue to say he's the best fighter in the house, they just kicked him out for being a bad ass. Dana realises that he needs to convince the guys to let him keep him on the show, and let him get beaten in the octogon to shut down his bragging rights. It's a gamble that pays off. Imagine if Dana had been forced to give that idiot a contract for winning the ultimate fighter.

The live final looks to have some good fights lined up.