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scotty2dogs Spectator 3 posts
Some of the techniques shown on the grading syllabus dont make sense to me.
Would you really block a low kick with your hand? In one of the blocking techniques demonstrated (white belt - low parry) surely you're open to a punch to the head? Just an observation before I get jumped on!!

spider Regular 235 posts
It does look like he's about to take a whooping in the pictures, but no martial art or technique is perfect, let alone a demonstration of one.

Hopefully Smurf will help you here.
Alansmurf Spectator 21 posts
Agreed the low parry demonstrated is poor active hand is picking flowers off the carpet !!!

I learnt techniques like this many moons ago ...and have altered my defences against low kicks to using leg blocks and avoidance ...keep your hands up or you will get tagged ..


scotty2dogs Spectator 3 posts
My background is in Muay Thai so my brain always goes back to that. Low kicks always blocked with the legs.
Thanks for the responses gents.