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Ashiro Spectator 7 posts
I do a lot of shadow sparring on top of my usual skills and strength training.

I just wondered if there were any solo JJ-specific drills I can add to this. The only ones I have found are:

* Sweeping (De Ashi Barai).
* Snake escapes
* Bridges

Surely there's more?
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spider Regular 235 posts
I run through all of my moves even if I haven't got a training partner, especially before a grading.

You can find more drills at judoinfo. I recommend 'turning in' or uchikomi to improve your entry to throws, you can also work up a good sweat with these, or just use them to warm up.
Ashiro Spectator 7 posts
Cheers! Much appreciated. I'd not noticed the drills and games at Judo Info before.

I'll give the throws and moves a go too. Going to be wierd without a partner but may help instill muscle memory at least.
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outkast Spectator 39 posts
try practicing your throws using rubber bands for power
the darkside is more fun
xoxrachxox Spectator 1 posts
sprawls, cartwheels, so many varieties of rolls and falls if you have the space. If u have a bag then you can practice switching positions and working on your base, or even without i like to go from lying down do crouching to standing up to exploding forward and if you do manage to find someone to train with then leapfrogs, pendulum, butterfly lifts are all good hope this helps :-)
Mickrick Spectator 20 posts
Ive seen and used a heavy bag to train with, un-hook bag and try lunges, slamming bag down then lifting and pressing above head etc. Gripping and doing drills with a heavy bag improves grappleing core strength but is also good for cardio its a killer!!
Rickson Gracie Newbie 36 posts
Fist you have to make paint of fence, by making up and down motion with paintbrush.

Then you wax car using circular motion, like wax on, wax off.

Then sand floor in same way. At end of it you ready for any fight. This come from great jujitsu master. Thank you.
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steve Resident 217 posts
Judo have the right idea with what is termed 'uchi-komi' basically translated as 'turning -in' (to execute a throw). They practise static and dynamic turn ins, as repitition, gaining speed and accuracy, but just holding off on the final throwing action. 3 parts to any throw, tsukuri (setting up), kusushi(breaking of the opponents ballence and own ballence to deliver power) and nage wasa (the throw itself). Uchi-komi develops the first two parts, without which the third part doesn't work._
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