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Saturday 3rd January 2009 at 23:26

Which do you think is more practical
a martial art or fighting art.
Fighting arts suggest as Judo,Karate,Kickboxing some forms of BJJ
seem to work on the principle of one attacker and bound by rules and regulations winning at all costs.

Traditional Martial Arts
Seem to trian for the love of the Art and are only used in street defence as self defence but are unrestricted by
rules and some may say more desciplined.
I have enjoyed trianing in Akido an Aki-jujitsu but i would use other techniques from other arts or sports if I was forced to defend my self in a street situation.

Interested to read whats your thoughts on this. I prefer Martial arts but wouldn't knock Fighting Arts. Which do you prefer.

Rickson Gracie


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Saturday 17th January 2009 at 21:51

Best form of street fight: call me. I turn up, kick everybody ass then go home and have horlicks. Thank you.

*1995 Vale Tudo champion*
*BJJ Daddy*
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Sunday 25th January 2009 at 18:32

does not hurt to have a mix of both dont see any difference myself most of the tecs are the same with most striking and grappling its how you train them

the darkside is more fun