West Midlands Kumite.

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BB Spectator 5 posts

Just wondering if anybody from here will be competing in the West Midlands Kumite on 29th March?

Also it will be my first tournament so if anybody could give me some tips then that'd be great.

Molineux Spectator 4 posts
Alright mate, I will be either refereeing or corner judge at that event. My advice would be enjoy it, try to relax and use your techniques. There is little room for excessive contact in these semi contact events so don't go in like a bull in a china shop trying to knock your opponent out. Good luck and hope to see you there.
BB Spectator 5 posts
Thanks for the reply and hopefully I'll see you there.

I have one question to ask though. I'll be competing in the intermediate age category and it is not very clear if I'll be able to do submissions or not? So is it the case that all competitors below the age of 18 are not allowed to use submissions or is it just the juniors division?
Molineux Spectator 4 posts
As far as I am aware, competitors under 18yrs are not allowed submission techniques and score through positional and hold downs.
You never know it may have changed as I believe that they are running without corner judges this time and having a referee and time keeper to marshall and keep score? Suppose all will be revealed tomorrow. Best of luck anyway.