What style of fighting is Ken and Ryu(streetfighter)

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FastLifeDj Spectator 12 posts
maybe its karate
White Belt in jiu jitsu
Green Belt in Aikido
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domn8 Spectator 15 posts
Shotokan Karate, i still have the instructions from my Super NES SFII game which details their various styles. I'd switch to karate in a second if i thought i could throw a fireball....
spider Regular 235 posts
It's a video game. Watch out for UFC in May.
domn8 Spectator 15 posts
Its a video game? Really? you've shattered my dreams. I genuinely thought there was a green monster skilled in capoeira that battled against an elastic-limbed yoga master. This is worse than when i found out about santa claus
spider Regular 235 posts
There are kids out there that think WWE is real and yoga masters can levitate. I'm glad I've set another one straight.