Grappling Fungi

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ejharte Spectator 23 posts
Here is infomation about the 'grappling fungi' that has devastated judo and ju jitsu clubs in Japan afecting one in three of their clubs, this is major and must be dealt with in the right way or this contagous hair stripping fungi could become a problem here. There are an number of ways this can be prevented (obvious I know, but worthwhile knowing): making sure you and your kit are cleaned regually, ensuring ju jitsu mats are disinfected on a regular basis, and if you develope fungal problems just don't train till it's cleared up. So please guys lets not let this fungus close our clubs aswell.
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mccauley Spectator 20 posts
not realy heard of it, but thanks for the heads up.
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ejharte Spectator 23 posts
No problem, it's best to just warn people so that we won't have to close clubs down like the japanese.
Smile, it makes your teeth feel special.
CallumLeach Spectator 7 posts
I will pass the message onto my Sensai if he is unaware! :) Thanks!
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