rough cost of classes?

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angellicfruit Spectator 1 posts
hiya, i want to start jujitsu. can anyone tell me a rough cost for classes for a beginner please?
Alansmurf Spectator 21 posts
We charge £5 for each 2 hour class..

First two classes are free..

We are a non profit organisation


mccauley Spectator 20 posts
i train in bolton areana 5 pound eact about 40 - 50 for your gee depending, but worth the cost if you ask me (1 hour classes)+ your licance, so your insured about 70£ to start with the gee(suite) and licance
fists are your best wepon(screw brass knuckels)
spider Regular 235 posts
I trained at several profit making organisations for between £2.50 to £4.50 for classes that were 1-2 hours.