New to Jujitsu

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newguy1996 Spectator 2 posts
Hey everyone.

My question is this.

I had my first nice of jujitsu training last night. The class went really well. I am really interested in training jujitsu for a very long time...but I am very afraid of the possible injuries that I could recieve during this training.

I dont mean afraid as in scared...thats not it I mean afraid as in having a joint pop out / dislocated or broken.

I have a family and I don't need to start a sport that could permanently injury myself or limbs for life.

I have had boxing training and etc through out life...I am used to getting ruffed up but the thought of all of these locks and joint locks...makes me wonder is this a safe art to practice and learn.

I really want to stick with it...but again would like some feedback from more expierence people.

connorT Spectator 29 posts
im not that experinced myself but joint locks are done slowy when you are starting and taught to tap when you feel any pain, injururys are usally done in compitions where there doing it properly
so you tap out so just avoid compitions if you dont want to get hurt
mikeyBoab Spectator 36 posts
Hi newguy and welcome.

It is something that you need to bear in mind, long term injuries are rare but can occur. The most important thing is to have a sparring partner you can trust to be sensible. I've only known one person to have had a long-term injury as a result of practicing jujitsu and it was the result of an over-zealous training partner not paying attention to what he was doing.

As for dislocations / breaks etc, unfortunately, it comes with the territory, but these do tend to heal.

But ultimately it has to be your own choice, if these matters are stopping you from enjoying the style, there are other styles you can consider.

But give it a go before you make up your mind - your Sensei should not allow you to put yourself at too much risk to begin with.