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Friday 21st August 2009 at 00:45

Hey everyone.

My question is this.

I had my first nice of jujitsu training last night. The class went really well. I am really interested in training jujitsu for a very long time...but I am very afraid of the possible injuries that I could recieve during this training.

I dont mean afraid as in scared...thats not it I mean afraid as in having a joint pop out / dislocated or broken.

I have a family and I don't need to start a sport that could permanently injury myself or limbs for life.

I have had boxing training and etc through out life...I am used to getting ruffed up but the thought of all of these locks and joint locks...makes me wonder is this a safe art to practice and learn.

I really want to stick with it...but again would like some feedback from more expierence people.




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Saturday 22nd August 2009 at 19:20

in training you wont get hurt, just comps witch rarely happen, in training they just try and keep you safe, they arnt going to get you killed, dont be scared you wont get hurt, worst czse iv had is a hurt foot

fists are your best wepon(screw brass knuckels)

green sid


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Sunday 23rd August 2009 at 12:44

The trick is to learn to tap. If your sparring partner has you in a correctly applied joint lock then tap. As you know injuries occur in any sport- accidents happen. Try and remain controlled when you are sparring, choose more experienced people to spar with and don't forget to tap.



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Tuesday 25th August 2009 at 15:13

If you train regularly, the chances are you'll get injured i'm afraid to say. I've been traing a year and have had 4 weeks off (off trainig not work) after overextending my elbow and 2 weeks off with a bad shoulder. I dont think the injuries are any more severe than any other combat sport however, and can be minimised by tapping early (you're only training after all) and warming up/down properly. Don't let it put you off though, its worth it.

The Taw


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Saturday 5th September 2009 at 11:51

Hello all.

I've just registered. I am also a new starter in jiu jitsu. The thing I'm having a bit of trouble with is hip throws. I can't seem to relax at all when it's me who's being thrown. My instructor keeps telling me to relax but because it's not something I'm naturally used to (being thrown around)I'm finding it near impossible and keep tensing up. I've been running through the syllabus with another inexperienced guy and the chances are he ain't doing the throw properly as I seem to go very high over him instead of round the hip. I think this could be what's making me tense up-not trusting him 100%.

Other than that, I'm getting a lot of enjoyment from it as is my daughter who started a couple of weeks before me.

Any tips from you guys who are experienced players. Thanks in advance.

green sid


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Monday 7th September 2009 at 14:08

Break falling and learning to relax can take a few years. I think it took me about 18 months to relax and breakfall properly, and then its like a piece of the jigsaw going into place as other areas of your game seem to improve as well. Try and train with a more experienced partner, maybe look for a judo club to train at as you will work on break falls a lot more.Good luck.



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Monday 7th September 2009 at 19:49

The Taw,

Yes, it's a common problem and in a judo class you would get a chance with everyone else.
But the fact is, you're going to be fine, and you're right that tensing up or miss timing your breakfall due to a beginners slight delay to impact in their throw is going to cause unnecessary discomfort.

I always found that faster and harder hurt less. Perfect your timing, don't let them make you land squarely on your back to avoid winding, and no matter what, keep your head off of the deck. Ask your instructor for advice and try to mix it up with other partners. He may well be throwing you wrong, but in a fight it would be right wouldn't it?

You just need to work on your timing, your control of your body mid-air, but most importantly your confidence needs to be built up.

Rickson Gracie


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Monday 12th October 2009 at 22:56

You are all girls. You come Brazil, i teach you to be men!

*1995 Vale Tudo champion*
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Tuesday 23rd February 2010 at 16:01

That's not really fair, everyone is tenses up at first, it's the bodies natural reaction to being chucked around. The trick is training your body to relax in that situation.

Smile, it makes your teeth feel special.