forgetting moves

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danny123 Spectator 2 posts
hello i have only been doing jujitsu for two lessons and ano i am been daft getting annoyed at it but i keep forgeting moves that i learned mainly the combos, is there anyway to help remember them
rne02 Spectator 33 posts
The only way to remember them is just to keep practising them over and over until they sink in I am afraid.
danny123 Spectator 2 posts
well got 2 or 3 month to learn them, its the combos that i keep forgeting
mikeyBoab Spectator 36 posts
not to worry danny! Happens to us all. rne is absolutely spot on - like everything else in life, practice makes perfect. The thing to remember when learning the various moves is to think about how they can be applied in a real-life situation; bear in mind, you're not training to pass the grading, but to defend yourself.

But practice, practice, practice! It will all fall into place.

Good luch and happy training.
CallumLeach Spectator 7 posts
The KATA Combo's? I can still remember mine at the age of 17 and I was six when I learnt them! I didn't practise them that much but the way I did the first one is by scorching blocks into my memory. Then I just took it like I was learning my spellings, without doing the movements (because I already knew the movements.)
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ejharte Spectator 23 posts
Why not try saying each part of the (outload at first) while you do it then when at home try to remember it and say it over and over again, thats what i do with difficult moves that I forget easily. One more thing just relax, you can't be expected to remember stuff after just learning it for two weeks, it takes my instructor loads of times before i actually remember the moves.
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connorT Spectator 29 posts
im like that aswell and its realy anoying when the teacher watches you screw up