GRAPPLE AMERICA "Lepri vs. Torres"

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TRESB Spectator 1 posts
GRAPPLE AMERICA is proud to bring you the USA GRAPPLING CHAMPIONSHIPS, May 1, 2010 in Jonesboro, Georgia. The USA's will feature men, women, and juvenile divisions, both GI and NO-GI. Cash prizes will be awarded in the advanced absolute divisions, including a Brown/Black belt absolute class under 170. This will allow the lighter division athletes to earn cash as well.

GRAPPLE AMERICA is an upstart organization that is dedicated to bring more awareness to the world of grappling and BJJ. We intend to introduce an entertainment flair to all our events which will include professional sound, lighting, and a "LIVE WORLDWIDE WEBCAST". Select divisions wil be WEBCAST to the world

We at GRAPPLE AMERICA are truly excited about this event, and are anxious to show the grappling / BJJ community what we have to offer.
GRAPPLEAMERICA.COM will go live next week with all the details.

CallumLeach Spectator 7 posts
Will there be youtube video's? Or the sort? It'll be fun to watch from Sunny England!
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