passing grading

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connorT Spectator 29 posts
how likley is to pass grading first time because i keep thinking im going to forget the syllabus
spider Regular 235 posts
I've never seen anyone fail their first grading, I'm not convinced it's possible
connorT Spectator 29 posts
what about red and yellow belt
spider Regular 235 posts
Nobody has failed those either, but I would assume it's possible if someone is absolutely terrible. At that level I've seen people coached during the grading and still passed.
connorT Spectator 29 posts
thanks alot spider
connorT Spectator 29 posts
if anyone else has seen someone fail grading please comment
rne02 Spectator 33 posts
Have never seen anyone fail. I would not imagine that anyone would as your instructor knows from watching you train each week if you know the techniques or not.

I took a grading last week and managed to make a right mess of one of the techniques, however my instructors have seen me do it many times over the previous weeks, so they just asked me to do it again.

I would imagine it would be pretty similar for you, even if you make a hash of something, they wll have seen you do it over & over so they will either pass you anyway or just ask you to repeat any techniques they are not happy with.
connorT Spectator 29 posts
how long is it usally before you do your first grading?
mikeyBoab Spectator 36 posts
About four months usually, but it depends on your Sensei.

What federation are you with?
connorT Spectator 29 posts
the jitsu foundation
ejharte Spectator 23 posts
I've only ever seen one person fail a kata grading. Your sensei would not put you through if they weren't sure you would pass. Please have some faith.
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connorT Spectator 29 posts
i passed i got my yellow with 1 mon (orange ribbon)