starting late

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connorT Spectator 29 posts
ive just done a few lessons now and im 16 and wondering if its a bit late to start at this age
steveling Spectator 6 posts
hi connor , im new to ju jitsu as well and have had a few sessions , and im a lot older than you ! im 35 this year so if i can do it , you most certainly can !!...good luck and enjoy :)
mikeyBoab Spectator 36 posts
I started ju-jitsu at 28.

So you've got twelve years on me!

You don't realise it now young brother but your life is just beginning . . . Happy training!
mikeyBoab Spectator 36 posts
Actually I just remembered an article I read in the news about a year ago. A lady lost her husband when she was 65 so took up Karate to keep herself occupied. She had just turned 75 and earned her black belt - I think that's an excellent lesson for us all - never too late!
connorT Spectator 29 posts
cheers for the posts everyone and thats a good story to learn from