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rocket2 Spectator 2 posts
I have recently started training with a club registered with the wjjf the sensi is very reputable however I have read some things about the wjjf on this fourm and in other places that make me question weather I should con continue training with them. I also would like to know why so many people are derogatory about tjj on a Jiu jitsu web site do they mean all jiu jitsu that isn't BJJ or tjj as in clubs that stick very closley to the oldest known forms of jj as the club is not BJJ but is orientated towards self defence on the street. if people could give me there opinions it would be appreciated
Robsco 1319 posts
If you're enjoying it and like the classes, I wouldn't listen to people on hear try to slag off TJJ - they're old-timers who have been round the block, and also possibly train for different reasons to you.

If you want to go and fight in the UFC for instance, you wouldn't really train any TJJ, but if you want some self defence, self-confidence, fitness, fun, etc. then it's perfect.

Remember, it means different things to different people, so common questions like "what's the best?" is a bit daft without context.
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The Spice Girls enjoyed many No.1 hits, but it doesn't mean they were any good.
rocket2 Spectator 2 posts
meaning ?
mikeyBoab Spectator 36 posts
I'm with the WJJF and would recommend them.

I'm not sure about the Spice Girls though.