i want to start makin lessons for my kids in class

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jmurtha Spectator 5 posts
but i don't know where to start im a red belt and now becoming an 1st dan but im not sure how to go about making up my lessons can someone help me thanks
rne02 Spectator 33 posts
If you are talking about Japanese Ju-Jitsu the you shouldn’t be teaching it to children anyway as it is too dangerous. This is why all the dangerous techniques were taken out and Judo was created (so that it could be taught to children). If you are talking Brazilian Ju-Jitsu then BJJ is derived from Kodukan Judo so should really be called Brazilian Judo anyway. So either way you would be better off just pointing the children in the direction of the nearest Judo club.
jmurtha Spectator 5 posts
well for kids i just want to teach them the basics so they would go from white to yellow or green so meaning from those belts they would only learn the guard,side control,the mount and some sweeps and escapes and then from 16 and older i would teach them the more higher tech like arm bars leg locks and others im just looking for the best way to start writing it down on paper
mikeyBoab Spectator 36 posts
Why not send them to a class with other kids?
jmurtha Spectator 5 posts
because we ae a small class theres only one kid in there who has any clue of what to do and we do send him to other clubs but i want to start my rep threw naga turnys and cage fighting
mikeyBoab Spectator 36 posts
You mean you want to start your own federation?
connorT Spectator 29 posts
make sure your kids are over 7 years old and if they have asma take it slow
if you are doing it at home make sure you have mats and a rooms for you all
and just start with breakfalls and rolls
jmurtha Spectator 5 posts
thanks im diong both kids and adult classes and what i was giong to do is have the kids only learn positions and sweeps and the adults will learn more advanced techs