Spring hip throw

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mikeyBoab Spectator 36 posts
Am I the first to struggle with this move? Any pointers from anyone?
Robsco 1319 posts
You're not alone, I remember it being a bit tricky, and to be honest, never saw the use of it myself.
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mikeyBoab Spectator 36 posts
Yes, I can't see myself ever using it. Probably because I'd fall over and look a bit of an idiot. Good to know I'm not alone!
samurai-spence Spectator 1 posts
it doesnt really matter if you dont see yourself doing it or not,theres loads of moves like that,but its part of the syllabus and you have to do it.my girlfriend broke her partners ankle doing this move although it was his fault for not doing his breakfall properly..
Davyk Spectator 5 posts
IMHO its only to give a bit of impetus if someone is resisting.
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steve Resident 217 posts
Make sure your own weight / ballance is on your left foot with opponent pulled tight onto your right hip (yours just under his). Transfer weight even further onto left foot and turn your head & shoulders to the left, whilst symultaneously pulling your left arm (opponents right arm) forward and upwards and your right arm (hugging opponents waist / belt / trousers) upwards. When you feel opponent is at point of lifting off the ground, apply the spring / lift action of your right leg.
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CraigP Spectator 1 posts
I was told the reason for learning this throw is if you cock up a hip throw and dont get your hips through far enough you can use a spring hip.
Mobstarr Spectator 45 posts
Try practicing Uchi Komi for a bit first to get you used to the movement. I still hate this throw but with time it will come. Also grabbing the belt can assist as well as practicing on a crash mat allowing for mistakes without injury! I tell my students with any throws like this to not over think it and go with the flow. Good Luck!
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The Taw Spectator 3 posts
When I was practicing this throw for my grading, I was thinking about it too much. We do 2 variations of it as well.

When it came to grading time and the punches were coming thick and fast, it fell into place as there was no time to analyse it.

As it's part of the syllabus, it has to be done but it's not a throw I would try to use if it came down to it.