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Kev12345 Spectator 3 posts
Hopefully someone here can help! I am a little older now than when I first when to JJ, almost 15 years ago. Am now doing it more for a Father - Daughter activity and to keep myself fit.

My question is, do I have to start from scratch again. I gained an orange belt in my younger days but obviously with the gap I have forgotten things. What should I do.... am I back to square one?

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Robsco 1319 posts
It'll depend on the club, some may ask you to do a special grading to see what level you're at, and let you "jump" forward a bit.

Chances are they'll ask you to start at white again, but hopefully it won't take you too long to be ready for the first few gradings.
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Kev12345 Spectator 3 posts
Thanks Rob,

Ha ha my 5 yo little girl is going to a higher belt, bless her, she is doing really well.

God help any boyfriends in the future that break her heart haha...

Thanks again....
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MrsMould. Spectator 4 posts
Hi Kev - hopefully i can help with this!

i have just returned to the Dojo after an 8 year break, i left all those years ago as a brown belt and i'm not having to start again. My hubby has joined along with me, and i have worked with him on getting his yeallow belt first, this was to ease me back into JJ and to help me remeber bits and peices from long ago! sensei did offer me the chance to start again if i wished but i chose not to which he agreed with. What we plan to do now hubby has his yellow, is for me to train with him for a couple of weeks doing his new orange, then ill move on to green etc etc spending a couple of weeks on each belt until im comfortable with working towards my black again (which was where i left off before), i have been told that if i do it this way, i can expect to be working properly toward my black belt in about 3 months time which i think will be fab.

i hope you get to do the smae as me, good luck to you and well done for taking it up again, itll be tough but worth it!
Kev12345 Spectator 3 posts

I have been put on a fast track program so pleased about that on my 4 week and me and the daughter are loving it.

Thanks for the advice


P.S What does the hubby think about you being able to whoop his ass hahaha thanks again
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