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milkybarkid11 Spectator 1 posts
hey all,

I have recently been considering returning to JuJitsu after 6 years of not training. Before I stopped training to focus on my school qualifications I was a purple belt. I was just wondering if the techniques had moved on a lot since I had last trained? I am also nervous about going back as I would be in the adult class in my local club and I understand they have further techniques, terminology etc to learn? Also would I have to start over from the beginning?
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spider Regular 235 posts
All traditional martial arts greatest weakness is it's inability to change, so expect it to be much the same. Blah blah blah moan...

Hang on... You're concerned there will be new stuff to learn? Why else would you be going if not to learn?

As I understand it, your path back to your belt is dependant on organisation and club descretion, but all have fast paths to which ever belt your abilities are at, as that is what your belt colour is supposed to represent.

Most importantly, and I cannot stress this enough, just get off of your backside and get down to a club. You've nothing to lose and every question about restarting and about a new club will be answered simply by attending a class. It really is that simple.

1. Just go to a class.
2. If you don't like that one, try another.
3. Repeat 2 until happy.
Davyk Spectator 5 posts
under most associations that i have trained in under different martial arts you would have to be regraded but as you are going to learn then this should be no problem?
i agree with the previous post... find a club you like its very important.
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