Brazilian jiu jitsu in shrewsbury shropshire

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spartanmma Spectator 3 posts
Would just like to spread the word among you good people of our gym now teaching Bjj in shrewsbury shropshire. We are spartan mma gym and we are offering a variety of classes but our newest is we now Teach Brazilian jiu jitsu in shrewsbury. We are trained under Mario Sukata who is a Black belt in bjj, UFC veteran,Bjj world champion, head coach of Sukata Bjj and head coach of wolfslair mma gym. Bjj coach to the likes of Mike bisping, Rampage Jackson, Cheik Congo..
We are the Shropshire branch of Sukata Bjj and the majority of classes will be taught by Andy Molyneux & Doug Wildman who are both Sukata Bjj blue Belts, And will also be overseen by Gary Savage Sukata Bjj Brown belt.
Thankyou and we hope to see you on the Mats