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jabba 1971 Spectator 2 posts
Hello all,
I have just decided to take up bjj after thinking about this for years.
wanting a good self defense and fitness.
Problem i have is i am now 38
Am i kidding myself or is it never too late wanting any tips or help relating to this discipline and would welcome any feedback

Robsco 1319 posts
It's never too late, Helio Gracie was still training into his 90's!

Expect a great workout, even if you think you're fit, the first few sessions/weeks will no doubt kill you, but will be great fun.

Unlike going to the gym, you'll soon find BJJ will be working every muscle, and then some!

Let us know how ya get on, which club you going to?
The Admin Guy
jabba 1971 Spectator 2 posts
Thanks for the encouragement Robsco
I will be taking my first lesson tomorrow at sheffield martial arts centre bit nervous mind.
Never thought id be doing this at 38 but has i keep being told where theres a will theres a way
Anything i need to be aware of?


Robsco 1319 posts
Have ya got a website for them? Do you mean Gracie Barra Sheffield? If so great, if not, check them out for really good BJJ.
The Admin Guy
rne02 Spectator 33 posts
I didn't start JJJ until I was 39, not quite the same I know, but I don't see why you shouldn't be ok.