Jujitsu iPhone App

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thejackel Spectator 2 posts
Hi everyone,

I run a site that reviews iPhone apps and am currently reviewing an app that helps teach jujitsu.

I'm looking for someone who practices jujitsu and is interested in providing some feedback on the app.

You'll need to own an iPhone in order to access the app.

I can provide a promo code so you can download it for free. All I ask is for an objective opinion of what you think of the app.

If anyones interested on getting their hands on an app that will help them learn jujitsu, please let me know.

Many Thanks
Robsco 1319 posts
I'll give it the once over no probs.
The Admin Guy
thejackel Spectator 2 posts
Thanks for the reply. Could you submit your details on the contact page:


I'll then have your email and can contact you directly.