Kyushin Ryu Ju Jitsu UK

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mu21a Spectator 1 posts
Kyushin Ryu Ju Jitsu UK is a jiujutsu school in the uk. quite weary of them as it has quite a prestigious name but i am not sure if its name lives up to its standard

Roger Wilkes is the master or one of and just wondering if theyre a) legitimate and b) actually good at teaching

max65 Spectator 1 posts
Did you ever get a reply to this or start training with them? I'm just about to go back after getting injured with another club / style that had me running into rolling break falls while trying to pick up a weapon off the floor in my first lesson. Kyushin teaches traditionally and will start you off slowly (if you are a novice like me). The two Sensei at my club are still only 3rd Dan after 24 years training with the association, so they don't grade you to extract money. They've also produced some very noteworthy practitioners who've broken away into more of a street style like Geoff Harris at Goshin Ryu Atemi Jujitsu in Sidcup. I've been impressed with the standard of their senior grades, patience and dedication to teaching their art. At £25 a month for eight lessons it's almost non profit.