What belt equals a good standard?

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nigelnire Spectator 1 posts
Hello everyone I have recently started Ju-Jitsu and love it. I will be 49 years in march and I am reasonably fit for my age as I train hard in the gym. I will be training for 1 ½ hours one night per week. My goal is to have a good basic knowledge and standard of Ju-Jitsu with all the basic moves I would need to defend myself should I be attacked on the street . I have been told that this would be around green belt level and that after that it’s all advanced techniques’. Could someone please give me advice based on my training time 1 ½ hours per week about how long it should take me to reach that belt whatever colour you feel that that would be. My best wishes to you all.
rne02 Spectator 33 posts
Grades between different styles are not comparable, and different styles use different coloured belts for different grades.

So without knowing what style you are studying we wouldn't be able to tell you.

Rickson Gracie Newbie 36 posts
My belt is the best standard. Thank you.
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mikeyBoab Spectator 36 posts
Hi Nigel and welcome; I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your classes so far.

To answer your question, I don't think that the shade of a belt will determine how well or poorly you react to a sudden attack in the street. Training in the dojo is quite different from having some freak on a cocktail of drugs and alcohol come at you with a metal pipe on a Friday night. I've known brown belts who wouldn't be able to hold their own and I've been pinned down by a yellow belt - it all depends on the individual.

I hope you never have to use your techniques in a violent situation but just in case, make sure you know them well!