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never to old Spectator 4 posts
Hi all I am looking to start myself and children at Jujitsu I am 40 an the kids are 6 and 7. I have found a club near me called BKR (Bugei Ki Ryu) and it is run by Sensi Eric Marshall who is 8th dan. Just wondering if anyone knows of Eric and whether it is a good club. Been along for a visit and was made very welcome and all the students I spoke to seemed to have nothing but good things to say about it. Hope you can help. Thanks
never to old Spectator 4 posts
Forgot to mention the club is in Liverpool.
never to old Spectator 4 posts
anybody heard about this club?
Robsco 1319 posts
Sounds like a decent place already from what you've said, you'll soon know for sure yourself.
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Rickson Gracie Newbie 36 posts
I am think that you might be too old for serious hard Brazilian JuJitsu. Is serious stuff, not joke. Maybe try something else like knitting. Thank you.
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never to old Spectator 4 posts
Thanks for the negative reply but already got my 9th dan in knitting. Just trying to stay fit and keep in shape but being an all round bad ass must be hard.
mouseamillion Spectator 2 posts
sounds like it could be a good club on paper, no harm in trying out the matts :-)
you will see soon enough if the guy knows his stuff (8th dan he should do lol) and a good sensei will answer any questions of "what if" with a good technique.

I train under a 7th dan and have not been left wondering (or un-bruised lol)

If the students have good words then its a good sign. Hope this helps. :-)
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